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Scholarship Sponsors

Whether you operate a current scholarship program or you are thinking, “Hmm. I’d like to start a scholarship program,” you should be aware that some of the best resources can be local grant-making organizations, community foundations, the Council on Foundations and the National Scholarship Providers Association. Through a membership or through attending their conferences and workshops you can gain valuable information.

Kim Stezala knows scholarships from many angles: students, parents, advisors and sponsors. It is her goal to connect the people who have the money with the people who need the money. To accomplish that, in part, she advises scholarship sponsors on how to improve their programs and better meet the needs of all stakeholders, including the students. From Kim:

Four Scholarship Tips for Scholarship Sponsors

(1) Complete your own application. How long does it take? Is there any information that you feel is too personal to answer if you were the intended recipient? Is each question necessary or “nice to have?” Would the terminology be clear and understandable if you were a 17 year old applicant (or the age of your targeted applicant)?

(2) Be clear about your eligibility criteria vs. your judging criteria. What is the minimum threshold to apply vs. what will determine the winner? Is it a fair process? Is it documented?

(3) Assess your marketing. Do your materials reach the intended recipients and information gatekeepers in your market? Is there a clear call to action in each piece (i.e. do this, this way, by this date.) Do people in the broader community know about the scholarship and the successful winners?

(4) Assess your process. Is it yielding a good number of high-quality compelling applicants? Too many? Too few? Is there any way to streamline the process for you, your volunteers or staff? Streamline it for students or recommenders?

If you are interested in program planning and support for your organization, please call Kim Stezala at 414-747-9391 for a free consultation or proposal for services.

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