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Scholarship Success Boot CampSM

Are you worried about paying for college? I can help!


I am Kim Stezala, The Scholarship Lady® and I have spent most of my career helping families achieve their educational goals.  I specialize in the scholarship industry and have helped thousands of people uncover the best strategies to become scholarship-worthy candidates.  

I understand that students are overwhelmed and frustrated in the scholarship process and that parents are freaking out about how to pay for college.

For the first time ever I am offering my Scholarship Success Boot Camp in an at-home toolkit for high school students and parents.

Thousands of high schools students, parents, guidance counselors and pre-college professionals have counted on me for a jumpstart to the scholarship process.  I have conducted extensive research on scholarship providers and pre-college programs, was writer and editor of COMPASS Guide, an online hub of pre-college information in Wisconsin, and met thousands of parents, students and educators through my community-based workshops and signature Scholarship Success Boot Camp.  I am:



Scholarship Success Boot Camp

How Scholarship Success Boot Camp Can Help You

What is Scholarship Success Boot Camp?  An interactive, motivational youth development seminar - that happens to focus on scholarship skills.  But, it's about more than scholarships.  It's about motivating students to see the potential in themselves, to invest in themselves, to build a Team of Champions,SM to understand the facts that affect their ability to win, to delve into family history, and to position themselves to be the best scholarship candidates they can be.  In the process, they build their scholarship skills.

I've been doing scholarship workshops and boot camps for a long time and I am convinced that families can take my advice and methods and be successful at home.

Through Scholarship Success Boot Camp you will discover:

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Does It Work?

No one can guarantee that you will win a scholarship just because you applied - it would be unethical to do so!  However, you can improve your odds by following the boot camp methods to Dream, Plan, Act and Excel beyond the other candidates.

These local and national organizations have trusted me to help students, parents or counselors excel at the scholarship game:  Barnes and Noble at Mayfair Mall, Bay View Community Center, Cardinal Stritch University Pre-College, Greater Milwaukee College Workshop, Midwest Association of Educational Opportunity Program Personnel (MAEOPP) Student Leadership Conference, Multicultural Urban-Suburban Emerging Leaders, National Scholarship Providers Association, National Society of Collegiate Scholars, TRIO-Upward Bound programs, Urban Underground, Ursuline Academy, YMCA Sponsor-A-Scholar and many more.

Here's what other people have said about me, my book and boot camp:

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Kim Stezala knows the world of scholarships from all angles. With her expert help, thousands of students and families have found the money they need for college. She also has worked closely with scholarship providers to reach talented students who, because their parents never went to college, have no idea what's out there and how they can qualify.

Ann, College Prep Practitioner and Advocate

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Trying to find all of the scholarship opportunities that existed for my son on my own would have been a second full-time job! With her network of resources, Kim helped us identify specific scholarships for his intended major. She made the search so logical and much easier than if we'd searched without her guidance. My son was awarded a substantial scholarship as a result of our contact with her and I know her knowledge will be helpful when our daughter begins her scholarship search next year!

Denise, parent of a high school senior

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Kim Stezala is the quintessential "scholarship lady." She has been providing workshops on higher education opportunities for several years. Besides being an excellent resource for scholarship information, Kim also gives families information in a way that makes finding a scholarship seem less daunting. I truly wish I had known a 'scholarship lady' when I was applying for college.

Tanya, former Outreach Counselor, California State University-Fresno

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Kim Stezala was a wonderfully practical resource for my son and I when we began to make plans for him to attend a college. We found a wealth of information about scholarships through her guidance which made that phase more focused and successful. He is a sophomore this year at a local school of art, and I regard Kim's help as invaluable.

Ron, parent of a college student

Here is what you get:

A 20-Minute DVD Featuring Guidance and Advice from The Scholarship Lady®

with an overview of the four-step process for scholarship success: Dream, Plan, Act, Excel. This advice is culled from years of helping students with the scholarship process and interacting with scholarship providers who make the decisions. The DVD is divided into 5 mini-chapters so you can review the advice in small chunks of time. We recommend that you watch the DVD first and then go back and follow the directions, using the toolkit. You will get:

  • Specific, effective scholarship search advice
  • Sample of a “Dream Letter” to jumpstart your writing skills (recorded at a live boot camp!)
  • Facts about the scholarship industry and the odds of winning
  • Ten rules for applications
  • Advice on how to excel beyond the competition

A 35-page toolkit with Worksheets, Explanations, Writing Prompts, and More

The toolkit should be used to help you prepare for the scholarship application process. YES - it will be challenging - but that is the point to prepare you beyond the average student so you can excel when applying for scholarships. You will be the king or queen of your own scholarship empire and the toolkit will help you. You will get:

  • Six most common scholarship mistakes and the solutions
  • Answers to top scholarship questions (from real boot camps!)
  • Overview of the 3Cs of effective scholarship essays
  • Advice on letters of recommendation
  • Template to build your Team of Champions
  • Scholarship Profile Worksheet
  • Scholarship Tracking Tool
  • Ten Rules for Scholarship Applications
  • AND MORE...

We Want You to be Satisfied!

This is our beta release, which means it is our first attempt to pull together the audio, video, worksheets and advice used in our boot camp and share it directly with students and families. Please forgive any volume fluctuations because we recorded segments live at different venues - it's the great CONTENT that matters. Having said that, if you do not like the toolkit for any reason, just send it back within 30 days in re-saleable condition (no damage, no written notes, etc.) and you will get a full refund. Period. No questions asked. 100% of your money back if you are not satisfied.


Be among the first in the country to get the Scholarship Success Boot Camp Toolkit.

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Terms & Conditions:

The Scholarship Success Boot Camp is designed to provide accurate and authoritative information on scholarships and youth development for participants. All information and opinions shared are not to be construed as legal or financial advice. The author makes no representation or warranty of the accuracy or completeness of the information and does not guarantee that participants will win scholarships. Users agree to hold harmless Kim Stezala and Stezala Consulting, LLC. If you agree to these terms and conditions, then please proceed with your order.

Need bulk copies? Are you a precollege advisor, guidance counselor or youth worker? Our Scholarship Success Boot Camp Toolkit for Practitioners includes reprint permission and training guides for you. Please email with subject line: Professional Toolkit. Thank you!